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Shipping Info

Our goal is always to offer the fastest shipping as possible, and we are proud to now offer our customers international and expedited shipping. However, we currently only offer numerous shipping options for our apparel items, not our mugs. What this means: When you order only a shirt/shirts, you will have multiple shipping options at checkout, included expedited. When there is a mug in your order, you will not see that option -- you will be given the lowest possible shipping price for your mug(s) and your shirt(s) with an average ship time of 7-10 days (but keep in mind, our mugs usually ship within 5-7 business days).

Bottom line: If you want to order a mix of mugs and apparel items and still have expedited shipping options for your apparel item(s) only, you will need to do two separate transactions. If that doesn't apply to you, please disregard this information and know that we're always offering you the most cost effective shipping option available. Thank you for shopping with us!